Yorkshire North & East Ridings Freemasons

Support for medical charity KAIROS

kiarosWBro Allan Stokoe, second left, presents a cheque to KAIROS for the purchase of a pain relief machine.

Kairos Surgical Alliance LLP is a charity run by an Orthopaedic Surgical Team from Darlington Memorial Hospital, who travel to Ghana each year to perform operations on children to correct birth deficiencies in legs, feet and hips so that the children can have meaningful lives.

Each member of the team gives up a week of annual leave and pays for their own flights and accommodation and no charge is made for the operations that they carry out. Last year they performed 33 major operations on 23 children in 5 days.

The operations routinely include breaking and resetting of bones, inserting steel pins and wiring supports. WBro Allan Stokoe, the Charity Steward of Yarm Lodge No 9544, has been raising funds from a number of sources including Masonic Lodges in Yorkshire and Durham to support Kairos and address the problem of appropriate pain relief after surgery: local hospital resources are minimal and parents frequently can’t afford anything other than over the counter pain relief (paracetamol).

Recently the Clinical Director of Orthopaedic Surgery at Darlington Memorial Hospital and two of his senior anaesthetists took time from their busy schedule to receive a cheque for £3,970 from WBro Stokoe, the full cost of a pain relief machine, which included a donation from Yarm Lodge of nearly £200 raised in recent Lodge meetings. The machine creates a nerve block giving up to 8 hours pain relief and allowing the over the counter medicine that the parents can afford to buy to start to work.