Yorkshire North & East Ridings Freemasons

The Royal Arch: Andy Jennings: "principles of decency, integrity, honesty, and friendship"

Andrew Jennings

Companion Andy Jennings retired from Her Majesty’s Prison Service having served 36 years, his final years being spent at the National Training College Newbold Revel in Rugby.

During that time he served at Wakefield, Oxford, Hull, Thorn Cross, Liverpool, Full Sutton and Newbold Revel having received the long conduct medal and an award for exemplary service.

In 2011 he joined the East Yorkshire Council working at children’s homes in Pocklington and Bridlington before moving to the Contact Service providing a link for estranged families organising and supervising children as they spent time with their parents or relatives at pre-arranged sessions.

His current role as Family Co-ordinator covers a multitude of functions relating to helping families through difficult times although much of his time is spent organising and supervising Family Time where his responsibility is, in principle, the protection and support of the child or children and working with Social Workers, Foster Carers and other professionals linked to care and welfare of children.

Why Do I enjoy my Freemasonry?

“I enjoy the responsibility linked to this very important function and as a part of my functionality I am responsible for observing the interactions between the child and other family members and for the preparation of observational reports which may be used in court.

The principles of decency, integrity, honesty, and friendship have been shared both in my role as a Family Co-ordinator and as a Freemason in the belief that as individuals we have a responsibility to care for and support others in times of need and to share positive relationships with our peers and anyone else with whom we may come into contact.

I joined the Freemasons to be a part of this ethos. To share some of my spare time with like-minded people in an environment where I felt that I was surrounded by friends who I could trust and with whom I could enjoy socialising.

My membership of Constitutional Lodge 294 and, ultimately, Constitutional Chapter has enabled me to discover that I can be a part of a significant history. As someone who relishes learning about the rich and diverse history, of which, I can be an integral member involved in creating development moments in an organisation which I find to be steeped in tradition and linked to fascinating and important historical influences. My Chapter Freemasonry has given me an additional and invaluable insight into the true meaning of Freemasonry and given me an opportunity to learn from my Companions in the comfortable knowledge that I may one day be in position where I can pass on my knowledge to others, new to the Craft, and learning about Freemasonry from its beginnings.

I always look forward to enjoying the Fraternal meetings with my friends Brethren and Companions, for whom I have the greatest admiration. Certainly, those who have learned ‘chapter and verse’ (literally). I envy their commitment and admire their fortitude even when faced with that immortal word; “prompt” when events often disturb the memory when it is most needed.

I will continue to enjoy, hopefully, a long future with my Companions and Brethren and they can always be guaranteed of my love and commitment as a proud, committed, member of my Royal Arch Chapter”.

Companion Andrew Jennings. Constitutional Chapter Nº 294. Beverley, East Yorkshire.