Yorkshire North & East Ridings Freemasons

"Part of a fantastic team" - Sam Adkins

In our second article in a series about Freemasons in the Province, we talk to Sam Adkins of the Constitutional Lodge No 294.

The Adkins familyThe Adkins family

Sam tells us:

“I became aware of freemasonry through my father-in-law. I was allowed to research it myself and so making the choice based on my own thoughts. I am very fond of history and that aspect of the Lodge, founded in 1793, drew me in.

I saw this as an opportunity to be part of a fantastic team, where we all help each other. When I first joined in June 2019 I found the Light Blues (now the Cornerstone Circle) very helpful. They contacted me personally and offered advice and they supplied guidance via email with advice and help with being a new member.

I have felt very welcome and really enjoy all our meetings and social events. I enjoy the way our Lodge takes the Ritual seriously and the ethos of assisting each other to work in harmony.

I have been JD, JW and now SW. My name is in the Hat for W.M. in 2025! I want to do the best job I can and help promote the Lodge and the hard work we put in. We have great history and would like to think everything we do would give great pride to those who have gone before.

I have taken ownership of our new social media platform and look to build on that to allow our Lodge to grow in membership, promoting what we do and getting the right men for membership, it doesn’t have to just benefit us but also be a benefit to our members.

Our Lodge and Freemasonry in general are welcoming of families and we have a lot of family members attend events. We make sure that family is a big part of our Lodge community. I think it really helps the guys to be able to attend if their families are also invested in what we do”.

Sam is the General Manager or Rightcare Mobility, with stores in Hull and Cleethorpes and has a brief to expand the business into different towns and cities over the next 5 years to bring affordable mobility products to the market. In 2022 he asked the Lodge to sponsor a local football team called Matt’s Legends who are members of the Hull Charities League in which they currently stand First place. FCYNER also supported the sponsorship which enable them to secure their membership. Matt’s Legends players all pay a small fee to play each game to raise funds for Cancer Research. The Lodge have also placed their logo on their strip, trophies, their online presence thus promoting Masonic charity and the Lodge to the wider community.