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We are a unique members’ organisation that has thrived for over 300 years. Having no political or religious affiliations, we comprise members of all ages, races, religions, cultures and backgrounds. We meet in our individual Lodges throughout the country where we have ceremonial traditions which encourage us both to be more tolerant and respectful and actively to fulfil our civic and charitable responsibilities; we also make time to eat, drink and meet together, and form lifelong friendships.




To attract those from all backgrounds and walks of life, enabling them to develop into more thoughtful and confident people. To inspire and challenge them to practise the core values we celebrate – Integrity, Friendship, Respect, Charity – in their private and public lives. To cement our reputation as a force for good in our communities and society at large and as a thriving organisation that people aspire to join.




Over the next 7 years, we will enhance our reputation as a thriving organisation that people aspire to join and broaden our membership across all age groups.



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Provincial Grand Master and

Provincial Grand Superintendent


R W Bro Jeffrey Gillyon

Provincial Grand Master


Grand Secretary Dr David Staples talks live to the BBC about HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh’s time as a Freemason.

Duke of Edinburgh
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Our departed Brethren…

Is your lodge dementia friendly?

Dementia Action UK are encouraging people to raise their awareness of helping those amongst us suffering with dementia.

Dementia Action UK are hoping that organisations and individuals will register with them to show their interest in understanding and helping those with such an illness.

As an organisation, Freemasonry is liable to have many members who will have and who may develop this illness and it would seem prudent for us to help where we can.

This may be of interest to some of our members, or indeed each individual lodge, who may wish to help and at the same time promote Freemasonry in the Community.

The link for information is; www.dementiaaction.org.uk

By going to this web site and opening the page ‘’ Local DAAs “ from the top toolbar, you will see that there are specific groups for The East Riding, Yorkshire and Humber and the North East.

If a lodge does register to be dementia friendly, please inform the Community Engagement
Provincial Management Group Chairman, Les Kirby by e-mailing him at masonsgarth@aol.com


for Lodges and Chapters

MIND- Mental Health/ Wellbeing Webinar

(Video Recorded 7th July 2021)

With the help of WBro’s Geoff Toulmin and John Murphy to be the Technical Zoom hosts, invites were sent out via the Provincial Grand Secretary to Almoners/ Charity Stewards/ Secretaries and WM’s for this
Webinar to highlight Mental Health and Wellbeing issues.

The Event went ahead on 7th July 2021 with 55 Brethren present and the MIND Team gave 2 talks on Mental Health, showed a short Video entitled ‘Ask Twice’ and hosted a Q&A session.

The PGM has authorised a donation of £500 to MIND and also permission to share the Webinar, I feel all those who attended gained from the experience.

WBro Brian Henderson-Thynne
Provincial Grand Almoner

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The journey of a lifetime

Becoming a Freemason is like going on a journey: from joining as an Entered Apprentice, it typically takes one or two years to become a Master Mason, with each of the three stages marked by a special ceremony.




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Freemasonry is a journey of personal discovery and development.


Insight into the meanings and relevance of our ritual, history and traditions are gained from experience, explanation and reflection.

These help to foster curiosity, develop understanding and increase enjoyment.