60 years a Chapter Mason

Deputy Provincial Grand Superintendent Jonathan Smith presented Excellent Companion Joe Robinson of Britannia Chapter in #Whitby with his 60-year certificate and lapel badge from the Most Excellent Provincial Grand Superintendent Jeffrey Gillyon. at a celebration at Joe’s home in North Yorkshire.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Superintendent Jonathan Smith was accompanied by Excellent Companions Joe Wells, Trevor Chalmers, and David Jennings.  All were entertained to a very interesting potted history by Joe of his working life as a seafarer travelling the globe together with his life on the beautiful north Yorkshire coast and freemasonry in general.  His father also a ships captain suffered the loss of his ship in December 1939 to the Admiral Graff Spee and was captive on the German vessel during the battle of the river Plate.  His father demanded from them a receipt for his sunken vessel which was duly granted.  His father is also portrayed in the 1956 film of the same name.  John Joe Snr was later awarded the OBE for his courage. No lose of life and the adventure lives on to this day as Joe presented the receipt to the Whitby museum.

Joe obviously has his father’s characteristics by the stories he relayed and the adventures he has been through.  An exciting and adventurous 86 years.

His wife Ann ensured all were well received and suitably distanced to celebrate this tremendous milestone for Joe in his Royal Arch Masonry.

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